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What is an LMS?

Without getting too much into the details, a Learning Management System or LMS, allows you to create, deliver and report on training courses and programs.  "Similar to describing accounting software, as software that helps you do accounting. There’s much more detail involved, but that's a good start". -LearnUpon LMS 

Manage Your Knowledge

Learn at your own pace so that you can achieve your learning goals any time, anywhere!  Now you don't have to worry about remembering where you last left off; the system will take you back to that spot the next time you log back in. 

Find it All in One Place

When it comes to learning about all the different tools and resources available to you and where everything is located, it can be very overwhelming.  All of your learning can be found in one hub with learning paths to help guide you along the way!


Q. When can I access the Knowledge Management Hub?

A. Access for agents will be available end of April 2020.  Stay tuned for release date information in your email inbox and the Edge!

Q. How do I access the Knowledge Management Hub?

A. While the new Affiliated Connection website is being built, you will be able to access KM from under this Knowledge Management tab.  You can always save the bookmark directly to:  

Q. How long are the e-courses?

A. Each course varies in length.  You will be able to see approximately how long each course will take when previewing the courses in the catalog

Q. Can I go through the e-courses on my phone or tablet?

A. Absolutely! It's mobile friendly and extremely user-friendly.

Q. I'm a new agent, how do I know where to begin?

A. As a new agent to the business or just switching over from a different brokerage, you will be placed on a Learning Path which will guide you in completing onboarding training.

Q. Will my progress be tracked?

A. Yes! Even if you leave the course before completing it, the next time you resume the course, you will be taken to the spot you left off from.

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